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    Lillian L. Thompson, Visual Artist

    I am Lillian,  a visual artist and blogger. I have a rich background of appreciating the arts,  through ballet, music, and poetry. My natural talents are dancing, drawing, writing and sports during times of segregation.

    My gifts were built upon through training in art, design and architecture schools.  I worked in professional firms and corporate facilities before creating my own interior design business. 

    After years in the field including design consulting and facilitation. My art reemerged in January 2017 in the form of pen and ink freehand sketches of afro women faces, moving into an appreciation of natural hairstyles.  

    My art is an extension of me as an Afro woman recognizing our beauty. Our look is without prejudice of others just confidence in our beauty, having a positive influence, and collaborating on economic development initiatives for sustaining our families and communities.  

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