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Lillian L. Thompson, Creative and Founder

Lillianonline, LLC is a platform for telling stories that connect with many women who are kindred sisters around the world.  In renewing my craft I have developed a passion for capturing the achievements of women stateside, from Africa, and all Afro women in the American Diaspora. 

My art has become an extension of myself as an African American woman bringing forth our beauty and influence. My work is without prejudice of others. I believe with confidence through our determination and wisdom we women will prevail from the lowest rung in the US economy and other societies around the world. We shall continue to emerge as great leaders for the good of mankind.  We are the sustainers of our families, communities, and our nations.  We deserve appreciation. We are influential! 


Lillianonline Art & Products

  1. My art company creates, advocates and promotes the Global Afro Woman.  
  2. We link to partner sites for unique application of our art on products and to handle sales.
  3. Shop Afro Women images on  Tee shirts, cups and products at  lillianonline.myshopify.com 
  4. Shop my art printed on quality fabrics for women, and lifestyle items: pillows, scarves and bags at our Shopvida.com/collections/lillianonline  
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  6. CBD Products https://osirisorganics.com
  7. Customer service voicemail and text: 919.449.7249

Black Women Professionals

Global Afro Woman Testimony

"Lillian is a talented artist, talking about and promoting the beauty of natural afro woman globally in her artwork. This is artwork not only for woman but for men who enjoy the beauty of women. Her art company Lillianonline, LLC is cutting edge.  I have 1st hand experience with one of her books. She described me as 'Optimist' and my family adores this keepsake, often signifying 'yes that's you' as we gather at family functions. It’s transformative and leaves space for imagination and deep thought.  Lillian is a brilliant and provocative artist, worthy of putting on your watch list for jewels to come. "  Angela Hicks, Ed.D