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Global Afro Woman Creative

'Influentials' Book Trailer

Book Trailer for 'Influentials' Publication

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Art Creative

I am Lillian L Thompson creative & founder of Lillianonline an art company that communicates through art and writing to  advocate and promote  Global Afro Women. I was inspired by the work of the United Nations Initiative 2014-2024 recognition of people affected by the Atlantic Slave Trade in the Americas. 

Global Afro Woman

I began art like many as a kid drawing. I was lucky to have a big brother that loved drawing too! Some snow days were blizzards this is when I loved drawing cartoons to the smell of mother's cookies. I took art in high school and was an art major at Howard University. During Pre-College, I  assisted  notable  artist Charles Sebree. Although I majored in Advertising my passion became Interior Design. I received degrees from Pratt and eventually Architecture at Columbia University. I have traveled to Canada, Africa, Europe, Caribbean and deep into Mexico. I respect women from around the globe and am committed to highlighting their achievements.

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 As a creative, blogger, and thinker, I am motivated to capture inspiring  stories which promote Afro women's influence and character.  I desire to capture their influence day to day as I recall those who empowered me.  My recent publication  'INFLUENTIALS'  Character and Influence stories of Global Afro Women in now available. This platforms hopefully leads me to talks, speeches, and facilitation of topics about amazing women

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Global Afro Women

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