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We are an art, advocacy and promotions company for women like myself. I am stateside yet I realize my longer history comes from the soil of Africa. I've learned that my story comes from a series of major events including the Atlantic Slave Trade. While that happened way back 1619, 2019 marks the 400th year of 50 human cargo ancestors landed in Jamestown, Virginia. I am a Virginian and still learning about what happened, before, during, and after our people's landing in the Americas. I shall use this platform to tell my story, those affected by the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade throughout the Americas, African Women immigrants and African American women's stories of triumph and tribulations. See my family story voyage here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnwmyaU8oVc&t=54s

Global Afro Woman

As a graduate of Pratt, from my eldest sister I received a gift of travel. It was a trip to Europe student style. My sister, next to me, and I used train passes, stayed in hostels from Luxembourg, Paris, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and England. Today I see on instagram all the amazing young women traveling to these and other amazing places. My elder sister was my pioneer as she traveled to Japan into China. I've worked in my field of architecture with men and women from India, Thailand, and China. I got to travel to Mali, West Africa where I visited the Dogon people. My art represents curiosity of women globally. We are connected as afro women and we are global!

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My story involves those who influenced and inspired me. I am a creative, blogger, and motivated to sharing  stories about amazing women.  

I began freehand drawings in 2017 that were later inspired by creative hair stylists. I was encouraged to place  images on fabrics and products. I have developed a coloring book full of futuristic images. I have advocated by creating  an art and stories booklet about women's contributions and character.  This has expanded into an upcoming book named "INFLUENTIALS'. I shall promote our stories through speaking engagements, art exhibits, panel discussions, events, and conferences. 

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